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Despite Marsha’s deportation order being removed yesterday, yet authorities at Yarl’s Wood still tried to proceed to take Marsha to the Airport at 4am this morning.  However, thier efforts went in vain because we managed to get the lawyer’s to contact the centre to stop them.  If these poor, foolish and misguided people only knew the strength and power of whom they are dealing with!!


Yarl’s Wood were fully aware that the order had been stopped but these people thrive on inflicting Mental Torture on individuals by putting them through these ordeals.  This is a common occurrence at centres such as Yarl’s Wood up and down the country.  It is alarming especially when the Government is making cuts left, right and center that taxpayer’s money is being waste in such a way. 


There are no provisos; the Human Rights Act (Article 3) and The European Convention on Human Rights specifically prohibit all kinds of torture. This is an absolute right. Interestingly, it also includes threatening to torture someone or treat him or her in an inhumane or degrading manner.


According to an article in About Human Rights ‘‘the authorities have a duty to protect individuals from someone treating them in this manner, and they are certainly prohibited from inflicting this on individuals themselves. Because this right is absolute, it cannot be restricted through, for instance, lack of funding, or limited as a result of some crime that they may have committed’’.


Nor can it be accepted as a means of treating suspected terrorists. From immigrants on the street to detainees at Guantanamo Bay, there are stories of horrendous acts perpetrated against people in the name of national security. This can never be acceptable, no matter what the cause’’.


Please continue to pray because the OLD ADVERSARY is fighting hard against us!

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