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Until my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about 4 years ago I never really gave the sickness much consideration.  But it is an awful demoralising and degrading condition that strips individuals of their dignity and self-respect.  My mother is at a stage now where you can’t identify the person she once was, that person as long since gone.  She can no longer recognise herself in the mirror or recognise her own children and grandchildren. That is one of the saddest parts of the illness.  Alzheimer’s is particularly hard for the families of the sufferer; especially those who care for loved ones on a full time basis because the care needed is relentless.  Imagine if strangers came into your house tonight and started trying to undress you, you would most defiantly fight them.  That’s what it is like for Alzheimer’s sufferers who don’t recognise their carers from one moment to the next.  From observing my mother through her sickness I have noticed that she is still fighting to keep her independence despite the fact that she can no longer manage on her own.


My hat goes off to carers of Alzheimer’s sufferer particularly those looking after their loved ones because they have emotional ties.  It take a special kind of person to maintain their care without getting frustrated and upset especially when you are receiving verbal and physical abuse from the sufferer. 


This disease is sweeping through our society, who knows when you may have to deal with it on a personal level.  Today, if you don’t understand the disease take the time to read the attached article that explains its symptoms more full. 


If you are a believer please remember carers across the country in your prayers, not only carers of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers, but any carer of individuals suffering from any long-term illness.  Many receive little to no support from the government in terms of physical support or financial support.  It’s up to us in our communities to support each other.   If you can, offer your support to a carer, even an hour’s break from the situation can help carers immensely.


 link  - What is Alzheimer’s disease?

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<br /> Alzheimer's is a disease that creep's upon you like some plant,it just take away the person you've known all of your life ie mother,father,wife,the list goes on the Illness is very hard to<br /> understand getting one;s head aronnd it takes some doing, as for careing for love one's takes every ounce of energy,because only the best care for your love ones will do.I belive that careres<br /> suffer more than the sufferers with Alzheimer's disease.<br /> <br /> <br />